Speak Up! Take the 2017 J.B. Hunt Carrier Technology Survey

December 30, 2016 Comments Off on Speak Up! Take the 2017 J.B. Hunt Carrier Technology Survey

TakeSurveyThink back 10 years ago to 2007. Most of us had cell phones?– and we used them to make phone calls.?If we texted, we used an alphanumeric keypad (think 1=A). Mobile apps were just becoming a “thing.”

Fast forward to 2017. If our phone rings, we probably won’t answer it unless we know who is calling. Most of us?use multiple mobile apps daily, if not hourly. We?utilize mobile technology for banking, shopping, entertainment and business.

Not surprisingly, mobile technology is beginning to change the way the commercial trucking industry operates too… although at a much slower pace. However,?commercial trucking?IS evolving. J.B. Hunt is evolving too. With our first technology survey for carriers, we want to learn more about how your company uses mobile technology, and how you think mobile technology can continue to help you perform better. Our goal is to make choices about carrier services and products based on input provided by our carriers.

The survey is brief and will only be open for a limited amount of time – so speak up and give us your opinions now.

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